Personal Loan

From bills payment, wedding plans, housing loans, kid’s education etc. If you’re having issues over the financial aspect of these right now, pick up the phone now and give us a call.

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Legal Loan

It is important that all borrowers take their time to scrutinize the lender in order to ensure that they only obtain a legal loan. is your best choice of a legal loan.

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Payday Loan

A payday loan refers to a short-term loan that you can take to settle an emergency.  After the lender accepts your application, you should expect the funds to be in your bank account within hours

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Fast Cash Loan

Traditional loans often take several weeks for approval which may be too late. With you can quickly get access to cash when you need it the most.

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Get your loans from, the premier Licensed Moneylender in Singapore for Fast Cash Personal Loan

A personal loan always comes to the rescue whenever you are faced with an emergency or crisis. You can easily get one from a businessperson, a friend, family member or an online lender. Of course, friends and relatives lend money using different rules than those used by commercial lenders. Bottom line, the concept is the same. The requirements for getting such a loan are very simple. You only need to show a lender that you earn a regular income. This is possible through presentation of recent bank statements.

Your bank statement should act as proof that you do make deposits and withdrawals regularly. Before giving you a cash loan, the lender must be sure that you will pay him back at the end of the month.

Your first task is to obtain an application form from a lender of choice. On that form, fill in your name, postal and physical address, name of employer and the amount you are asking for. There could be other details but these are the main ones.

Once you have completed this, you are supposed to return the form for approval and verification. For a personal loan, lenders usually take a day or two before they give a go ahead or reject your application. A rejection does not necessarily mean that you will not get cash. Could be that the amount you have applied for is way above your limit. The lender will give his reasons. Once you amend your application, you can still take it back and it will be reviewed again.

Upon approval, the personal loan is deposited to your bank account. Once the lender has deposited and you have confirmed receipt of the same, you will be given more paperwork to sign. This acts as a commitment that you will pay the loan when it falls due. Some lenders stipulate that you should pay back the full amount on the designated date.

A good number of cash loan lenders do not charge their borrowers interest. Instead, they levy a certain fee based on the amount you have borrowed. If you fail to pay on time, they charge an interest. You can also request for an extension in which case you will also pay interest. In other arrangements, the lenders ask you to instruct the bank to make direct payments to them on an agreed date. This is fine as you end up paying your loan while the lending firm does not lose.

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