Personal Loan

From bills payment, wedding plans, housing loans, kid’s education etc. If you’re having issues over the financial aspect of these right now, pick up the phone now and give us a call.

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Legal Loan

It is important that all borrowers take their time to scrutinize the lender in order to ensure that they only obtain a legal loan. Credit 21 is one of your top choices for a legal loan.

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Foreigner Loan

A foreigner loan is provided to foreign workers and expat who are working in Singapore and find themselves running low on cash.

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Fast Cash Loan

Traditional loans often take several weeks for approval which may be too late. With Credit 21 you can quickly get access to cash when you need it the most.

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Get your loans from Credit 21, the premier Licensed Moneylender in Singapore for Fast Cash Personal Loan

A personal loan always comes to the rescue whenever you are faced with an emergency or crisis. You can easily get one from a business person, a friend, family member or a money lender. Of course, friends and relatives lend money using different rules than those used by commercial lenders. Bottom line, the concept is the same. The requirements for getting such a loan are very simple. You only need to show the lender that you earn a regular income to be eligible for the loan application. This is possible through presentation of recent bank statements.

Your bank statement acts as proof that you do make deposits and withdrawals regularly. Before giving you a cash loan, the licensed money lender must be sure that you will pay them back at the end of the month.

Your first task is to fill up the online application form from a lender of choice. Once you have completed this, submit and wait for the lender to feedback. If you are submitting through our website, once we get the application we will look through it within an hour or less, and give you a call back to arrange for a meeting at our office to complete the application, together with the rest of the required documents.

Upon approval and loan agreement signed between both parties, the personal loan cash money will be reimbursed to you on the spot. It’s that simple!


No.1 Licensed Moneylender Singapore

Call us at 622-11-811 today for a LOW INTEREST Personal Loan Singapore. We are a licensed moneylender with one of the friendliest customer service in town.

When looking for fast cash, most individuals tend to prefer hard money loans. However, people should be cautious on the way they select the moneylender. You should make sure that the company you deal with is reliable to avoid getting into trouble sooner or later. Here are some tips to observe when doing business with a licensed moneylender.

Enquire for money lender’s state license: By enquiring for the license number, you minimize the likelihood of falling into a scam or having to follow unethical processes. Legit moneylenders would be able to to show you their license number upon request, as that mandates them to run their business. Otherwise you can also check the list of valid moneylenders registered under the Ministry of Law here.

Ask about expertise: When you are hard up, you may not even have adequate time to research about the lender. However, do not fail to ask some questions just to ensure that your potential lender is legit. So, ask your lender about their professionalism, qualifications and experience in the area of financial lending. This information will give you a better idea about the licensed moneylender that you’d like to obtain money from.

Search for recommendations: In the same way you would carry out research regarding a firm before you take up a loan, try to get some recommendations related to several moneylenders that you intend to approach. The best way to ascertain the business practices of the moneylender is by the use of word of mouth. Does the lender have higher rates of interest compared to what others in the same industry offer? Does it have any hidden fees that will come as surprises to you only after obtaining a loan? It’s critical that you find out more facts about these issues.

Moneylender Singapore

Improve Your Life Using a Singapore Moneylender

Life is full of surprises that always lurk around the corner. In most cases, you will realize that these are not things you had planned for and could set you back financially. In other situations, you might be in need of quick financing for some household item or investment. Unfortunately your bank will not consider such financing requests thus necessitating the service of a moneylender.

In-depth Look at Singapore Moneylenders

If you have been searching for financing intently, you may have come across many loan providers. These companies are licensed to offer money lending services by the Ministry of Law in the country. They are ideal because their eligibility terms are relaxed and even with bad credit history, a moneylender will still have something to offer.

What Licensed Moneylenders Offer

Unlike traditional financing options which have a limited scope, a moneylender is ready to listen and offer financing for any pressing needs. They not only help you get out of a tight financial corner but also give you some peace of mind. Here are some ways in which you can use these legal money lenders to make your life better:

Investment loan: The business environment in Singapore is intensely competitive and as such, you must always watch your back or lose your clients to others. Your moneylender can provide cash to buy capital equipment for your venture, restock your business, expand your operations or invest in modern technology.

Medical emergencies: If you or a loved one has a medical problem, you will have to come up with quick cash if there is no medical cover. Your bank will definitely not offer a solution but a moneylender will sort you out after verifying your income. This can save your life or that of a loved one by procuring the best medical care.

Home improvement: As a household owner, you will always be on the lookout for home fittings to make your home more comfortable. Your savings might never get to the required price as they will be depleted when other urgent financial needs arise. With financing from a legal moneylender you can buy home appliances and repay in installments.

Educational expenses: Without good academic credentials today, it is impossible to progress in any profession. You could thus use a personal loan to enroll for more academic qualifications in order to scale the ladder.

There are many other ways through which a moneylender can help you manage in life. From car repairs to home renovations, these loan providers have a package that can improve your life tremendously. So why continue suffering yet a solution is available? Click here to get a loan with us today.